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  • Does it take you a long time to figure out simple logic sometimes? I've literally spent 4 hours trying to figure out a simple thing and I still can't figure it out. Am I the only one?

  • We are all made different. I also have trouble with complex (and sometime simple logic).

    I am a poor coder with syntax coding for this reason...

    I find looking at it several different ways helps, also asking yourself if you can get a satisfactory result using another method...

    Also just say here in the forums what logic problem your trying to work through and you will find there are some pretty amazing logic creators around..

    I am just not one of them...

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  • This is part of the learning process of coding. As you get more experience working things out yourself and exposure to other's solutions via the community, you will gradually build your own foundation for certain logical thinking.

    Otherwise, there is no shame in asking no matter how experienced you are. this community is great and other people have likely already gone through what you are stuck on. I myself find solving other's problems enjoyable, like small puzzles (the ones I can handle anyway). Helps me keep my mind off my own projects and problems I'm stuck on :p

  • Thanks and of course, I will literally spend 2+ hours on a simple logic before I ask for help. I don't want to be someone who appears that I don't try and test as many possibilities before reaching out. It's just frustrating because if everything went smoothly, I'd probably be on my 20th level by now. I'm stuck back at the first one! Ugh!

  • One thing I enjoy about Construct2 is how you can "fake" many complex logic problems. One easy example is simply placing an invisible sprite and telling it to spawn whatever you want... no need to know its sprite.x,sprite.y. My first project (one in my sig) is a hodgepodge of hacks and fakes but I think it is pretty cool at its early stage.

    I used invisible collision sprites to tell the bombers when to drop their timed bomb orbs because I was too lazy to figure out a logistic formula based on target and enemy x,y and time since spawned... just drew a horizontal sprite, set it to invisible and used on-collision with releaseSprite spawn orb timed to random(0,1.5) seconds.

  • Haha, yes ! I do the same. I only started using construct a couple of weeks ago and can only dedicate my weekend time to it. i would much rather 'fake' my way through things with that limited time than try to do it the harder way.

  • Learning to think "computer logically" is definitely a skill you will acquire and hone with practice. I've been tinkering with C2 for a couple of years now and am definitely now able to solve logic problems that would have been completely beyond me when I started. You will get a feel for it! And things will become easier the more you learn about C2 and the tools that are available to you.

    I find that sometimes when I have literally no idea how to get it to do what I want it helps to sit down with a pen and paper and no distractions and work out, step by step, exactly what the software will need to do. One step at a time! If you want the program to do this, this, and this, how would you explain that to it? What is the first thing it would need to know, work out, or do? Every complicated function is just a bunch of very simple parts put one on top of the other.

  • "Down to Earth" looks like a very cool game! I love the simplistic controls paired with deep story.

  • "Down to Earth" looks like a very cool game! I love the simplistic controls paired with deep story.

    Hey, thank you! That means a lot

  • Don't beat yourself up I have had a hell of a time implementing Local storage, and a shop system. I learned a lot along they way which leads my game to be more fun since I didn't give up. I am still working on my project , take a look here I detail all the trouble I had while building the game.

  • Like others have said, just stick with it. If I get stuck on something I'm trying to work out, I take a step away from the computer and let my brain digest. Go for a quick walk but think about the problem you're having. Putting on some music from the genre your making I find also helps. Helps you visualise and look at problems with a level head.

    Well, that nonsense works for me anyway!

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