How do I load an image from hard drive into sprite object at

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  • I'm trying to load a .jpg image from my hard drive into an object image without any success. Heres what I have been trying ...

    System: On start of layout

    Add Action: sprClouds Load image from "C:/GameImages/cloudsLight.jpg" (Keep current size)

    With this code the object image remains blank when the program is run. What am I doing wrong?

  • Because Construct 2 is HTML5 based, it works similar to web pages (they tend to load content relatively rather than exactly).

    Try exporting to HTML5 and in the same folder put your cloudsLight.jpg image. Then in your events you instead load from "cloudsLight.jpg" without any other path/folder info.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Thank you, Jayjay for your very helpful solution. Your reply also led me to this tutorial by Kyatric - . Thanks again for the great learning experience!

  • Any time! and I couldn't see the link (it will appear after you have posted a few more times here!), but if you want to share it for others to find then try replacing the .com with (dot)com

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