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  • Hello everybody. Here are some beginner´s questions I´ve been wondering about:

    1. Is there a maximum layout size or somekind of a limit to it? When it will start to affect game smoothness if too big? Probably mobile versions must be smaller right? What are the limits to mobile version?

    2. Does animated object have to have exactly same collision points?

    3. Which one is a better solution a) to put all the tick actions into the same place OR b) different places in event sheet as ticks don´t have a second condition in order to take action.

    4. How is the loader layout done? Is there an example capx somewhere? I would like to put my games instructions into it.

    5. Is there a way to understand javascript errors to know exactly where they point and to know exactly what went wrong. I guess construct 2 turns the game into a javascript code, so is it possible to see that code?

    A lot of questions, i know.

  • 1. I've used pretty huge layouts (>5000x5000) and didn't notice any sort of issues. I imagine if you filled it to the brim with sprites and other objects to process that it would start becoming a hindrance, but otherwise I don't foresee any real issues.

    2. Each frame can have a different collision polygon.

    3. If you're referring to "every tick" actions, I generally try to put all of mine in the same place.

    4. Loader layouts

    5. I'm mediocre at best with JavaScript, so I'll let someone else answer this one.

  • Thanks for the answers but I think that 4 and 5 could have more answers.

  • Thanks for the answers but I think that 4 and 5 could have more answers.

    So then wait for someone else to answer them. The people here help out of thier own free will no one is paid to help.

  • #4 has a whole tutorial. What is missing?

    #5 really should never happen, so if you hit an error your best bet is to post the error here for people to help with. Recursion is the most common error that will fire a javascript error.

  • PixelPower. Can I defend myself or do you find that offensive and rude too? I waited for two days before I thanked SNN135 and wanted to point out that some answers were still left a bit out (like question 5). Of course I should have be more patient. Can you tell me what is the waiting time you accept before addressing the issues again? A week? Month? Year? Two days is obviously not enough....

    It seems that you waited two days also before you replied and actually didn´t answer any of the questions. Are you a moderator or why acting like one?

    Ok. Let´s try to be more nice to each other? Ok.



    4. Capx example is missing. I wonder if there is somewhere one.

    5. Yes. I did. It is here:

  • No, PixelPower is not a moderator. Reminder PP, backseat moderating is not encouraged on those forums, please behave.

    Avoid not-constructive answers where you are not actually providing support.

    Nevertheless, he's right on one point, the people providing answers in the forums do it on their free time, on their own will, on what they want to answer.

    Moreover, when sometime a question does not get an answer, it is often because either the solution can be easily found out by using the search feature, looking into the manual, how do I FAQ, C2 Academy playlist, and other existing informations resources, or because the question is not detailed enough.

    1. Those manual articles are critical for answers on performances and how to deal with it : performance tips, memory usage. For starters, there are the rules to follow.

    Then, as indicated in the best practices you are to test out your project often on your target device, and as such, you can know quickly when you are hitting a peak/limitation in performances depending on the specific device.

    When this happens, or you have specific performances question out of the frame of the manual articles, answer your own performance questions with measurements as there is no "fit-all-sizes" answers on that front.

    Overall though, layout size is not an issue. The number of instances and the size of the textures within those instances on the other hand can lead to issues.

    2. It depends on your usage. Each frame can have its own collision polygon, but if you are willing to have some consistent collisions through an animation, it might be useful to have the polygon consistent over it as well.

    The article on image and animation editor states the fact that right-clicking in the image editor window will display a context menu to help having the same polygon over the animation.

    3. I tend to regroup all the actions in the same event as well.

    Also be aware that instead of a "Every tick" condition, you can choose to have the event (or sub-event) as blank, and it will act the same.

    Sub-events can also act as "other condition" in that case.

    Have a top level blank or "Every tick" event, and as sub-event, check the value of some variable, or do any other kind of check, that will make logical sense and allow you to keep a good organisation of your events. It will have the advantage to make sure the check happens at this point of the code's execution (especially if they are not triggered conditions)

    4 has already been answered.

    Here is a capx that does nothing more than what is explained in said tutorial. It is even hard to see what it does since there are close to no pictures to load in that example.

    You can, when in need, ask for precisions for specific cases. The more precise the question, the most detailed the answers will be.

    But on the other hand, don't expect other to make your project for you either, a lot of newcomers/requests sound like that and are often ignored because of it.

    5. This also is greatly dependent on your project. In the absolute, JS error should not happen. If you encounter one, it could be because you use a third-part addon that actually cause the issue, or as BlackHornet mentioned, you made some infinite loop and find yourself into some recursion.

    When such an error happens, a dialog appears and do display a message. That actual message explains what the error likely is, and where you could/should fix it in your events.

    Checking the browser for errors might also give further clues as to what the issue exactly is, and at last, posting your capx and how to reproduce the issue, allowing to get help from the community is your best bet as well.

    On our forums, it is OK to bump a topic after 24 hours, but avoid just bumps for the sake of bumps, your best shot is always to show your researches and attempts to fix an issue in the meantime.

    There is no obligation of answers by the community, and it all depends on the availability of people passing by at the moment you post.

  • Firstly I want to say couple of things. I already tried the loader layout capx and it helps me very much. So thank you very much Kyatric. I also want to say that I have a great respect for PixelPower and I hope we can be friends in these forums. I also have a great respect for moderators and especially Kyatric now for his very thoroughly thought answer. I am glad and proud to be in this community even though just learning some ropes. I really hope to not offend anybody (My first language is not english so it might confuse also)

    I respect you all and I´m happy to find answers here. I will check everything Kyatric explained and try to understand them too.

    Thanks everybody and peace for you all amigos.

  • Kyatric Sorry about that I jumped the gun because his attitude of "hello people answer me now". He didn't even look at the example for #4 and the SNN135 did answer him told him nicely he didn't know the answer to number #5.

  • Kyatric Sorry about that I jumped the gun because his attitude of "hello people answer me now". He didn't even look at the example for #4 and the SNN135 did answer him told him nicely he didn't know the answer to number #5.

    I didn´t have any attitude. I simply raised some questions again.

    I did look at the example #4. I actually had looked it before but wanted to ask if there was any capx example of that. And there was. The question thus was not useless.

    Yes. He told me nicely that he didn´t know the answer to #5. I thanked him for his answers and asked more help for other people who might know the answer.

    I don´t understand why you took it the wrong way. I think you have misunderstood me or have interpreted me in a wrong way. Sorry for that. I certainly didn´t have any attitude. I hope you wouldn´t also have against me.

    Have a nice day.

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  • Kyatric Sorry about that I jumped the gun because his attitude of "hello people answer me now".

    Well, I know what it's like, but in those cases, prefer to use the report tool and just go to another topic without even answering the current one.

    Mods will review the reports and act if/when needed. You'll enjoy visiting the forums far more if you take a more detached approach.

    See something that should be reported, do report it and move on, mods will deal with it, you don't have to and can enjoy going to other parts/topics.

    Always keep in mind this is a written forum with people from different countries/languages/cultures.

    English is used, but possibly not always mastered, and it's OK.

    tomi71: I agree, you hadn't an attitude and asked further questions after an appropriate time. The question appeared perhaps a bit clumsy in regards to your actual intent. It was a bit tricky because of the "Make my game for me" users that often tends to come to the forums. Even though in the end that's not what you are and not what you asked. There was just a language barrier issue, yet everything is fine in the end, everyone is on the same page.

    There wasn't a capx, but I did one to answer your question, following the tutorial. It was quickly done, so no big deal.

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