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  • Hello, please bear with me on this as I download what's currently in my brain.

    Each "Layouts" is linked to a respective "Event sheets" through selection in the Layout Properties.

    I've figured out that "Layouts" order takes preference over "Event sheets" order because it's possible to re-order the "Layouts" and not the "Event sheets" order.

    Currently got:

    Preload Scene

    Loads small audio file then system go to Select Screen



    Play audio looping at 0db

    System - On Load Complete

    • System Go to Select Screen

    Select Screen

    Has a button which does nothing

    However, when I test this in the browser the sound does not load and it does not jump to Select Screen as I would have expected.

    Hope someone can put my brain out of it's misery.


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  • Are you loading a save game?

    For "on load complete" only triggers if a savegame is loaded.

  • I think you are confusing the system "on load complete" and the audio "preloads complete" conditions

  • Awesome thanks

    I changed it to "On start of layout" and it worked.

    Thanks very much

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