The layout should fix to fullscreen in the output

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  • Hi,

    In my game I took the potrait 16:9 but when I'm checking output in mobile there are gaps on bothsides of the layout

    so I want fix the layout to fullscreen to any type of mobile. please help me to fix this

  • You can extend your background by about 20% on each side and use Scale Outer, as described in this tutorial: ... reen-sizes

  • I have used the scale outer but it is going to the side in the output i.e (the layout completely moving to the right side of the screen) and I have also tried by increasing the window and layout sizes but it is not fixing to the screen of mobiles still there are gaps to the sides and also top and bottom.

    Please tell me the solution clearly to fix it

  • I have used the scale outer but it is going to the side in the output

    You need to allow unbounded scrolling in layout properties.

    Also, don't increase the window size! Increase the size of your background sprite, or tiledbackground objects, or whatever you are using for background. Your background should be bigger than the window size.

  • Hi,

    I have followed the steps what u have said full screen is fixing but not defaultly to every screen. When the same changes which I have done like increasing the background and sizes of the sprites when it is going to the small screen mobile then the sprites which are at the both ends of the layout are going into the screen. I want to fix it defaultly to every screen whether it is small or big screen,it should fix perfectly.

    Please tell me what to do.

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  • I don't have other solutions for you. It's not easy to make a universal app for all screen sizes and aspect ratios.

    Scale Outer method allows to make layouts that are "compatible" with different screens, but it's not perfect. You need to deal with the background and off-screen objects etc.

    If you don't like this, you can simply design different copies of the same layout for different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 18:9 etc.), or even build different apps for different screens.

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