How do I layer buildings? (Isometric View)

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  • This is an amazing community and you guys always help me when I have a problem, I like doing stuff myself and learning alone but some stuff is hard

    I made isometric game in which you can move buildings (like in clash of clans) and I wanted to know if there is an easy way to sort them out? (so that the buildings in front would actually be in front when I move them)

    I had an idea using positions and making layers for each line so that it would test for position and tell object on which layer it should be but it looks a bit too hard and there might be easier way

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you are making something like Clash of Clans (please dont), won't the buildings that are lower on the screen (e.g. bigger Y), be in front? To save yourself some trouble, use one layer for all the buildings. After a buidling was moved, check its Y and X position, compare it with the buildings that have same/cirka same X (since those are the buidlings that will be on the same vertical line) and then just sort them depending on their Y position - the one with the highest Y gets the best seats.

  • Thanks! I had something similar in mind but didn`t know how to do it as I started using C2 month ago

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  • No problem, enjoy making games! ^^

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