How do I keep my player from sinking into jump-thru platform

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  • capx:

    If my player goes from one platform to another, via a ladder, and jumps off the ladder onto the lower platform, the player kind of "sinks in". If I go halfway up a ladder and jump down onto the same platform again, the problem doesn't happen again. It only seems to happen if going from one platform to another and jumping down. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I tried making a very thin, invisible, jump-thru platform at the top of each platform, thinking that might help, but it did not. Any ideas on how to fix or workaround this issue? The reason i am using jumpthru is because i am going to have objects that, when collided with, fall down from their platform to the lower one.

    Thanks so much!

  • gave a try at your capx but I don't get it, everything seem fine to me. Do you sure it isn't animation sprite thing?

  • What is animation sprite thing? I am using the latest C2 and the latest ver of chrome on Win7x64(pro).

  • I mean do these polygon collision seem not consistent?

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  • Oh man. I didnt even think about collision boxes. I will see if this fixes it. Thank you!

  • Hmmm. Adjusting the collision boxes didn't help at all. This problem happens in both Chrome and Firefox. Any other ideas? One thing that I forgot to mention is that, If I sink in, then hit the up key, I snap to where I should be. If I try to simulate this control on-landed, the player just stays sunk in.

  • I tried your file on Firefox 34.0.5 and it works perfect. Good job on the animation, it's nice.

    I also tried it on Chrome version and it worked fine too.

  • Strange. I guess it has something to do with my computer then. Thanks for testing it out!

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