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  • Hello, I'm having a problem when using Jump-thru behaviour.

    Blue rectangle is my character (it uses 'plaftorm' behaviour),

    green rectangles are jump-thru platforms and pink rectangle is a platform using 'solid' behaviour only:

    My character should be able to reach only the lowest platforms when jumping. Like this:

    However something weird is happening...

    When my character jumps he starts to fall -- but he suddenly stops to fall and simply appear above a platform higher than he should be able to reach:

    This problem doesn't happen with 'solid' platforms (only jump-thru).

    Do you know how this can be fixed? Thanks in advance!

    If you wish to take a look, a .CAP file can be downloaded:


  • Simplest solution would be to lower the jump height of the player

    Try adjusting that so the value is just above the platform max height threshold...

    If you use 'snap to grid' in your view tab you could get precise platform heights and not have to worry about manual placement

    hope that helps

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  • I can confirm there is a problem, and actually I think I reported a similar thing happening when you could go back to a jumpthru platform when falling ( ), for now I'll just say to adapt the jump height too or create your own jump-thru system if that is doable.

    (I also tried to make the collision polygon 1 px wide but it still happened)

  • Thank you very much for your replies, mystazsea and

    The big problem is: I'm not creating an original game - but porting an old one (so I can't change the position of the platforms).

    Years ago I've released my first game ("Tcheco"). It was made in Construct Classic and can be seen here:

    And "Tcheco" is an jump-thru extravaganza. They're everywhere.

    In this stage, for instance, there are 8 jump-thrus in the ladder + a few others in the background:

    I wanted to update my game (since I'm not 100% satisfied with it) and tought that would be a good idea to recreate it in Construct 2 (instead of fixing the old Construct Classic version). After all a C2 game could be exported to other systems and I could create achievements for Steam version.

    But after some weeks using C2 (20 of 65 stages are done) I honestly don't know what to do about this update.

    It plays like a prototype of CC's version - not an evolution of it.

    The main character keeps "teleporting" to higher/wrong places all the time. You can also avoid falling from platforms (if you go back fast enough after falling starts). I've sent current version to a friend without telling anything about the jump-thru problem -- but he noticed and mentioned it immediately after testing.

    I'll accept Aphrodite's suggestion and try to make my own jump-thru system (but I honestly doubt that I'll be able to create it). If it doesn't work I guess I'll have to abandon this C2 remake and go back to Construct Classic.

    Thanks again for the replies. Any new comments are welcome!

    Marcelo "Macbee" Barbosa

  • I'm updating this topic with good news:

    Despite Scirra's lack of interest in fixing this problem, looks like the jump-thru errors are gone if you use "Platform2" behaviour by Colludium .

    I've asked my friend andreyin to add this new behaviour to my CAPX and it plays *MUCH* better now.

    You can test it at http://silly-bell-6ca15c.bitballoon.com/

    I'll buy this behaviour and put it in my own games as soon as possible.

    Thanks to Colludium for making this plugin and to andreyin for testing it!!

  • Macbee - thanks for the feedback - much appreciated!!

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