How do I use Jump Sustain? (Dynamic button-holding jumps)

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  • I have a 2D Platformer game, and I need the jumps to feel more responsive. I'm trying to achieve what is done in games like Super Meat Boy and Mario- which is changing the force of the jump based on how long the jump button is held down.

    I tried fiddling with the 'Jump Sustain' behavior in the player platformer, but nothing seems to be changing. The only other way I think this can be done is by modifying forces based on button pressed and button released, but I'm not making any progress.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

  • Oops wait, I just found this tutorial which seems to explain my problem in exact detail. I'll try this again on my own and bump if I have any problems, sorry.

  • Yup I completely solved it. Please close the thread. I'm too new to link URL's, so if you're wondering the same thing search "Platform Jump Height Based on Tap or Click Duration" by MrGoatSnake in the tutorials section.

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  • Thanks for explaining the missing url

  • I was doing research on these mechanic couple of months ago and succeed:

    • wall slide
    • wall jump
    • analog jump
    • anticipate jump (sustain jump)
    • tolerance jump

    And that was before Ashley add extra feature to platform behaviour. Kind of funny it became default feature

  • ... k-duration

    Yay! my tutorial helped someone! I wrote that tutorial and it seemed like it was one or two releases later they added those features.

  • MrGoatsnake Heyyo, great looking tutorial, but all the images and links associated are currently broken links. Any chance it can be updated?

  • this must have been an issue with the Scirra website. Everything looks fine when I visit it.

  • I was having this problem too, the "Jump sustain" function already in C2 wasn't working for me, and after some investigation on my part, it turned out it was for a very simple reason! For my "Jump" control, on the Event sheet, I was using the condition "On W pressed" instead of "On W down"; so it didn't know the key was held down!

    I thought that info could be useful for anyone searching through the forum for the same thing I did and finds this thread, with this no need to follow any tutorial. =)

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