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  • Long black rectangular blocks suddenly look a bit jagged on low and high end which screws up some effects. Size like 40 x 783, doesn't matter if native or stretched in Construct 2. Screws up some effects.

    Anyone encounter this and find a solution?

    They look jagged in layout view too before running the capx.

  • Use a 9-patch for the rectangle, then you can resize it how you want without huge loss on quality.

  • Apart from that, you can also try to set the scaling in the project properties to "Point", doesn't work well on all objects, but works fine with rectangles.

    Note though that "Point" uses more CPU than "Linear".

  • Thank you. I honestly don't know what it was, but it seems to have fixed itself.

    It was messing with some of my custom fade effects.

    The ninepatch is a great reminder.


  • For what it's worth it seems to have happened temporarily as a result of changing the PNGs in Photoshop. If you resize in PS, it creates a blank pixel border. I fixed that, but something else weird must have happened. I use PS to resize PNGs created in CS2 as it seems to create really large ones by default, 250 x 250.

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  • If you are just looking for cropping images, you can do that in the C2 image editor.

    Also, if you want to start with a smaller size than 250x250, just resize the blank starting sprite when creating a new Sprite before drawing.

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