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  • Hi, my name is Dusan

    This is my fist post and I'm beginner in this...

    I have question about isometric games.

    Does anywhere in internet existing tutorial how to make isometric game. Not complete game...

    I just need tutorial about object collision (I think collision).

    If I have building and some moving object (sprite)

    When I move on front side of building that sprite needs to be above building

    but if I move sprite behind building i need that sprite to be behind.

    Does any simple tutorial for this?

    Thank you.

  • There are no tutorials that I am aware of but the answer is quite simple.

    You know the problem, so try and think how you would solve this. I know of several solutions.

    The first thing you could do is create a family that contains all sprite graphics. At the start of a layout, for each object in the family you could set its z order based on it's y coordinate. Any object that moves around (such as the player) you could put in another family and label it mobile sprites. Every tick in the game you would change the z order of objects based on their y position.

    The second method would be to have two layers surrounding a character layer. For every object that can be walked behind you would split in half, putting part of it in a layer above characters or below, depending on what part of the object it is. This works well for grid based games where you can never be in front of a part of an object that you could also be behind. I think older games used this method but I am not sure.


    As for collisions, you need to create a polygon that allows the player to walk behind an object if that is what you want. A tree, for example, that was 64 pixels high may only have a collision polygon that is 32 pixels high.

    Hopefully this helped.

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  • Here is a really simple example for you. Take a look at all the behaviors and and the events. It should be all you need.

  • Go here: [quote:2pmm7pgu]

    There is a section exclusively for isometric games

    good thread to bookmark for pretty much anything you need in Construct.

  • Ok people,

    I will research this and tell you what I'm done...

    Thank you very much!

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