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  • Hello!

    I am developing photo sticker app! I made most of the app, but i have some questions/issues.

    In this app user is able to select frame and add stickers to his/her photo and then save it on the phone. App is working great in my browser on PC, but on android i am not able to select photo or use camera (i am able to do that when i am previewing my app inside Chrome browser on my phone, but not when i build it). I guess that i have to set permissions inside Intel XDK before building, but i don't know what to write inside permissions field.

    All i need is to select photo from storage or from camera, save photo on storage and post this image to Facebook. So what permissions i should write?

    Does Facebook require some Cordova plugins inside Intel XDK or some android permissions? Also is it possible to post canvas image to Facebook?

    Is it possible just to resize one object? I will have more then one sticker of same type and is it possible and how just to increase size of one, without increasing size of other? Right now if i have two stickers of the same type when i click on "Size Up" button during gameplay, all of them are resized


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