How do I make an inventory slot stock up items?

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  • I´ve created this inventory using a tutorial. If anyone knows how to make a slot stock up more of the same item and then display it under it, please tell me how to do that

    Even sheet:

    Inventory slot instance variables:

    Gold Drop instance variable:

  • Can we get a capx please?

  • Actually here´s the tutorial link and you can get the .capx there. It´s all the same in my project and my project is like 30 mb´s big

    Tutorial: -to -make -inventory -without -arrays

    -remove the spacing in the link


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  • I've got an example almost working to a t (95%) but did you want items to be able to stack more than once in a slot? I.e, for picking up multiple apples, ore, etc.

  • ... g-an-array

    Here is an easy inv done using arrays, This is more what i think you are asking for.

  • I don't wan't to work with arrays.

    And yeah LaDestitute, I want to make the items to be able to stack up more than once in a slot.

  • xDelta7 i know how you might feel about arrays. They are hard to grasp at first, I have been using construct for awhile and still dont know everything about them.

    As a game developer you should atleast try to learn them in your spare time since it will undoubtedly save you time doing inventory systems , World generation and much more.

    You dont have to use the tutorial i posted but it will give you the proper place to start when you are ready.

    Good luck with your project keep us all posted!

  • I´ve been using construct for 2 months now and I know how to do everything else that my game needs except the inventory system, and I can´t move any further without making it first. Already created the sprites and animated them, figured out a simple crafting system and other stuff.. But this inventory just makes me wanna quit everything so bad bcuz when I look at arrays my mind is like "this looks weird, I wonna go do something else with my life.." and I just can´t force myself to concentrate on that :/

    Btw this is not my real scirra account. I´m having some issues with my passwords sync and I don´t feel like fixing that today.

  • Don't be afraid of arrays! They are basically just spreadsheets of data. Extremely useful.

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