How do I make In-game menu for certain objects

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  • Hi, i need some help with the way i make an in-game menu for each space station. How it works is, the player is above the space station, and can interact with it. Then, a menu for that space station pops up with a tab for "Quests" "Market" "Diplomacy". Not that i dont know how to do this, but the current way that i do it is to place image points on the place where the text has to be. Wondering if there was an easier way of making a small menu (doesnt cover the entire screen) that has different tabs for each subject (quests market etc) when you click on one, the other text gets replaced according to the subject. I click on quests, i get a tab with "Quests " and "Quest 1" "Quest 2" and so on. Hope i describe this clearly enough.

  • So if your player is hovering over a station you want a small dialogue box to pop over it? Or do you want the dialogue box to cover half the screen?

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  • Currently i have that the player hovers above it, presses a button,and the box appears

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