Implementing User-Input Path Tools?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm very new to C2, just purchased to be able to do some prototypes and proof-of-concept stuff for my group, and I have a few questions I'm hoping can be answered. This may be in the wrong section - mods, feel free to move as you see fit

    A game I am sketching out currently has a few tools where the user can select a pencil tool to draw his/her own path, and also erase the path if they would like. Think "Line Rider", if you all remember that silly little game from some years back. Is this type of real-time, user-input driven game possible with C2? Thanks in Advance

  • path movement is not something you can do our of the box.. I think there is a template on the store (just seach path)..

    the drawing thing, there is a third party plugin called canvas (or something like that) and you can draw vectors with that

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  • Ah, very cool, thank you. The Template is called "Node Path" and yes, the plug-in is Canvas. I think they would work very well for the idea I have in mind

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