How do I implement alpha beta gamma expressions?

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  • Hi. So I've heard about the alpha beta and gamma expressions where I won't be needing to put on-screen controls. The problem is I have no idea how to do that and I really want to know how to do this. Please help! Thank you very much

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  • Old post but I have just started to play with these. They are found under the Touch object so add that to your project.

    Best advice I can give so far is to add three text boxes to your project and ever tick have them change to Touch.Alpha etc. Then preview over wifi to your mobile device and watch the values change as you tilt/move your mobile.

    I have gotten a sprite (character) to move around based on these but there are exceptions as in I have to be holding my phone a certain way. Hopefully I can figure out the events to not make it appear buggy to a user unaware of how it works—I doubt game players will like being told how they have to hold their phone in order for the game to work . . .

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