How do Make 2 idles for touch input one left and one rigth?

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  • So i have 2 idles the sprite animations has 2 frames each , cannot mirror them becuase is holding a sword in the rigth hand .

    So im thinking im using touch using arrows so my logic tells me will be perfect if when i untouch te left arrow (wich makes te character runs backwards) , will do idle 2 and i have the opositte for runing foward when i untouch the rigth arrow will do idle 1.

    So i made this but inst working some one cal help me?

    I did this but is not working

  • This si my full setup

  • You're using Touch 0 and Touch 1. These are index numbers of the first and second SIMULTANEOUS touches.

    Just set it to any touch end and add another condition that says is Touching Sprite6 or Sprite7.

  • I really like the solution becuase thats the idea i got but i dont know how you represent it graphically , so i put both touches on touch end 0 but adding anohter condition that says is touching i dont knwo becuase i will need ot add a action.

    Can you explain me ?

    Thank you

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  • MAN THANKS YOU ARE A GENIOUS! it was only to add the not touching as subevent on what i had but yeah ! was the idea i got in first mynd only i needed that littel step you gave me ! awesome!

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