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  • Hi there,

    I need some help. I have just finished the tutorial ( ... onstruct-2) and at the end it says " I've added in some extra features like some "Game over" text, and monsters which gradually speed up. Knowing what you know now, it shouldn't be hard to figure out how it works."

    I legit have no idea what I am doing and am trying to make this as a surprise pregnancy announcement for my husband, who is a massive gamer, so I'm happy to use the game in the tutorial but how do I go about making a game over screen (where the announcement will be) and how do I make it appear when the score counter hits like 10-15?

    If anyone can help me out using the tutorial wording, eg:

    Condition: Monster -> On collision with another object -> Player

    Action: Player -> Destroy

    I would be extremely thankful!



  • Ooo how nice, and congrats!

    You could create a new layout (Layout 2 I suppose) for the announcement screen, then..

    Condition: System > Global Variable Score equal to 10

    Action: System > Go to layout (Layout 2)

    Add the text and images, whatever you want, to the game over Layout 2.

  • ahhh fantastic!!!! thank you so much!

    We aren't pregnant yet BUT I'm prepping since we're about to start trying. I originally had a different plan on how to tell him but then I found the program and I totally loved the idea. I'm gonna record him playing it for his reaction

    Ive tried another method that seems to have sorta worked, made a layer that is behind the background until the player dies or reaches level 10 then pops forward but its not centring on the screen, any ideas?

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  • Hmm if it's a sprite you can set the position of it in events. If you look at the Window Size in project properties, that's the size of the screen you can see when the game is played. So if the window size is 854,480 you can set the position of the sprite to x = 854/2, y = 480/2, should be in the middle. Could be another issue though.

  • hutcho1991

    Check that in the layer properties for the results layer the parallax setting is 0,0 and that your results objects are centred in the layout window (the dotted line in the layout editor).

    Also, rather than popping objects out from behind the background you can switch the results layer visible and invisible using the System|Layers & Layout | Set Layer Visible action.

    I've used the top-down shooter template from the C2 examples to show what I mean: ... .capx?dl=0

    If you tap the space bar it will hide the on-screen message. Notice that it remains in position regardless of where you move in the layout.

    In the editor, if you click on the UI layer and view its settings, observe that the parallax is set to 0,0.

    On event sheet 1, events 9,10 and 11 are being used to toggle the visibility.

    Good luck with making your game!

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