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  • Hi, I’m new to Construct 2, and it’s really helping a lot. It’s pretty simple and easy to use! The thing is, the game I want to make is probably very complicated, and I don’t really know where to start. I was hoping that you would be able to help me along, and soon I’ll be able to make it a reality! (I don’t really mind if it takes a long time to make it, but of course, the sooner the better.) This is the basic idea of the game:

    Name: Deepwater Danger

    Description: The player is a dolphin named Dolphy. The game starts off with a video (are you able to make one?) that Dolphy is with his sister named Dolly, and she is suddenly kidnapped by the Great White Shark King. The goal is to eat smaller fish and avoid the larger ones. After a while you grow and can eat the bigger ones too, all the while trying to find the Great White Shark King and rescue Dolly. There are also different Power ups, helpers, and different types of fish along the way. So I really need a lot of help with it. The first and most important thing is how to make the player (Dolphy) move. I want to make that the player moves by moving the mouse, and the screen scrolls to it. The details are like this:

    1) If you are swimming to the right, and then you move to the left, he needs to turn around, and vice versa. Otherwise he’ll end up swimming backwards.

    2) I tried to make the screen scroll to the player by setting the behavior to “Scroll to”, and make him move to the mouse by setting “Every tick-Dolphy-Set position: Mouse.X, Mouse.Y. The problem was that every time I moved the mouse slightly, he flew to the other side in a second. I need to make that when, for example, you move the mouse to the right, the player moves to the right. When you stop moving the mouse, then the player also stops.

    3) If you move up, then the player should tilt up in that direction, and the same thing when going down.

    4) I want to make that when you left click, the player moves slightly forward with a burst of speed.

    The next important thing is how to make the other fish swim around in random directions, also turning in the direction they’re swimming in. The small fish should try to swim away when they see a larger fish coming (I’m assuming I’m supposed to use the behavior “Line Of Sight” for that, but I can’t really figure out how it works). And when the larger fish see a smaller one, they should try to swim towards it to eat it. To sum it up, all the fish should act like they do in regular life. Of course there’s a lot more details to work out, but this is a start.


    Dolphy and Dolly. (That’s not actually my real name.)

    P.S. I hope I didn’t ask too much for my first message. I don’t want to make a bad impression, after all.

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  • How much experience do you have with Construct2?

    Have you followed the beginners tutorials to get a hang of working with events?

    What you are asking for all sounds pretty basic.

    One way would be to give the player bullet behaviour and rotate it's angle towards mouse.x,mouse.y a certain amount every tick, double-clicking increase it's speed..

    For each fish pick the nearest and check if it's bigger or smaller, basing the actions on that..


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