How do I hurl a ball into a goal

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  • I'm working on a simple physics game where a ball is hurled into a goal..

    The user pulls back on the ball (similar to angry birds) and when they release the ball is projected into the air.

    The goal is like a basketball goal, suspended somewhere, and the ball has to go into it.

    Is there a good tutorial for something like this?

  • First, The forums are filled with topics like, "How do I make <insert any game type here>?" Have you searched the forums for similar questions? There may have already been an answer to yours in a previous topic.

    Second, we could be more help to you if you were more specific about what you need help with. Are you having trouble getting the physics to work? Do you need help with designing a system where the player clicks and drags to define the velocity of the ball. Or is it just trying to figure out how to define if the player made a basket. Asking a focused and specific question will get you better results than asking a generic "how do I make my game" question.

    Finally, I don't really know of any tutorials for your specific game idea but, here is a super simple example I just put together. I used some very basic math so, if you want it to react more realistically, you would need to figure out a more appropriate equation for setting the velocity. Also, you probably want to play with the physics settings and add a max strength to the ball's velocity. Be sure to look at all the settings on the objects behaviors.

    I hope that get you what you need and good luck with your project.

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  • Unless it's necessary due to other aspects of your game, I wouldn't use the Physics behavior... Bullet behavior can do that and, as far as I understand, it goes lighter on your processing...

    Check this example:


    Hope it helps!

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