As I can make a high score board online without database?

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  • Hello there! I wonder if I can do what I mention the title of the post.

    So use my dropbox account and not have to use a dedicated server.

    Thank you!


  • Hmmmm... Don't think so.

    By the way, I won't even try and make one from scratch. there are lots of issues that you'd have to solve that someone probably already solved in a scoreboard API. There are a few out there. Never used any of them, but my suggestion would be to check them out and pick one you can use in Construct 2 and that serves you well.

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  • Ha ha! I would not ask you to do one from scratch. Will investigate the matter and I will continue searching for the forum.

    Thank you very much!

  • By the way, I just run into this yesterday. It has a plugin specific for Construct 2 games and may serve you well...

    Besides Leaderboards it also gives support to:


    Data Storage

    In-game Payments


    Social Integration

    Facebook posting & inviting


    Posting to Stream


    Multiplayer Rooms



    Here's the link to its documentation:

  • a simple scoreboard is easy to do if you wish to just use ajax and you can write a cgi-script.

    Get your C2 game to make a request to a cgi-script which includes the score and name (or identifier) in your http call code

    for example, the following link hits a perl file which is my cgi-script.

    http://111.222.333.444/cgi-bin/add_scor ... &name=jack

    after that you can have your cgi-script to read a text file (or xml file). process the new score, then write out the new file. your game can then use ajax to pull the updated file.

    this will do what your post-title requests, however it does not do what your text says... you will need something that can run a cgi-script and that tends to need a server of some type. I don't know but I doubt dropbox will execute stuff for you.

  • The problem is if you have lots of people accessing and writing the file at once... Some scores will be left out. APIs have probably solved this problem so you don't have to worry about... Reinventing the wheel is never cost effective...

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