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  • How do "you" put a high score system in your games

  • It depends on what you are talking:

    If it is about implementation, I generrally do a function that will post the highscore on the webstorage if needed, Else will not post it, I can also do a "post_score" function to post it on some platforms like clay.io and facebook.

    If it is about conception, I try to see what the player can do, what he will probably try to do in the first place, and even when I want to be sadistic I try to see what is hard to do for him, so I can put a little reward if he does it, humans love rewards *-*.

    Also sometimes a score bonus (like a coin), since it is a positive thing, can help manipulating players' mind, you want him to do a somewhat blind jump? Bad design, indicate where he can land by using some good coins so the player tries to grab them by moving towards them, and Hurray, he is safe.

    Because bonuses are normally good, an easy bonus is likely to be grabbed if nothing else indicates to do anything.

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  • I am sorry I do not know the person whom made this demo so therefore no credit to me but real person thanks

  • this is helpful, thanks

  • I need to do this also.

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