Help with Player moving towards left of screen when falling.

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  • I've got an issue with my autorunner game which i'm struggle so fix.

    What happens is when my player falls of a platform (without jumping), it moves gradually to the left of the screen. When the player jumps, it's fine, its only when you let the player fall of the platform that this happens.

    It's a slight movement but i have double jump so if you just fall of the platform and then jump and do it continuously, you'll see the player getting closer and closer to the left of the screen.

    I've tried changing the platform behaviours such as gravity etc but haven't found a way to fix this. Can someone help me with this?

  • Unless it's needed for something I'm not seeing, try lowering the Players deceleration.. something close to 12500 should get you what you're looking for.

    when the player falls off, it no longer simulates pressing right, so he decelerates..

    EDIT: Maybe not exactly.. But something along those lines, heh.. might have to experiment and change some of the other values till you get the right combination..

  • I've tried tweaking it, which has yeilded different results but haven't yet found the right combination to fix this.

    I'm hoping someone can have a look at my capx and help me out with this.

  • Anyone?

  • Fixed (Kind of).

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  • Yeah it's fixed in the sense that the player doesn't move towards the left when falling but now the jumping doesn't work properly as it's become quite unresponsive and the double jump doesn't work.

  • Hello again Tom,

    I think I fixed it for real this time. *fingers crossed*

  • Thanks, this works. Only thing is that for some reason, when i'm running the layout, the first playthrough in that session my player starts further foward than usual. Once the player dies and retry, it goes back to normal. It only happens with the first playthrough, each time i start run layout (hope that made sense).

    The other thing is the from time to time, an odd glitch occurs where the player goes through the wall.

    Other than that it works so thanks again

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