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  • I'm making 3 projects with construct 2:

    1. a Remake of Grand Dad Reboot by RED-FIRE with a Boss Rush demo

    2. a Donkey Kong Country novelty reimagination/remake.

    3. a game based on Tex Avery cartoons where the main character is a Smart-Aleck Japanese teenage schoolgirl working as a nurse on a nut house saving her boss against 3 crazy guys: a War-obsessed Walrus named Sgt. Tusk, Clock-obsessed Rooster named Clock-a-Doodle, and a Cat Man named Mr. Whiskers.

    Since is my first time using the construct I need help to make an engine for each one.

  • Ay bro, if possible, can you be more specific to what you want? Didn't understand it a bit.

  • I need help with coding Just this

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  • Don't know how to make 1 and 2, but #3 looks pretty straightforward.

    Simply add Platform behavior to the Japanese teenage schoolgirl sprite, Walrus behavior to Sgt. Tusk, Bird behavior to Clock-a-Doodle, and finally Physics behavior to the cat.

    Normally I wouldn't recommend mixing Physics with other behaviors as it can cause weird bugs, but I have a feeling this game will only benefit from it!

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