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  • Hi guys.

    I have an ideia to make a game like who wants to be a millionaire , but with some diferences, because is for childrens.

    My idea is to have a xml file with a lot of question of diferent types, like True or false, multiple choice, order some words, etc.

    I hope you can help me during this development, some questions:

    • How i can organize my game, 1 layout for every diferent type of question ?
    • Is good choice read whole xml to an array and work with the array?


  • I dont think adding a layout for each type of question is good, as it might lead to some confusion.

    Since you already know the rules of your game before hand, for instant. If its a "Yes", "No" question there will 2 options, if its a multiple choice question there might be 4 options, and if its words there might be 5 options.

    In that case I think I would go for a dynamic generated question sheet or what to call it. Meaning that you use the same elements for all the questions and answers and then just replace the texts with what is needed.

    And actually it might be easier to simply store each question with its answers as a small sprite object of something like 8x8 pixel.

    So each sprite would have the following attributes.

    Question = "The question it self": "What is 2 +2 ?"

    Answer 1 to 5 = "If there should be max 5 answers"

    Correct_answer = "Hold the number of the correct answer"

    What you can then do when you have created all your questions etc. is to simply tell C2 to pick a random Object of question, and then you read that question objects attributes into your question sheet, that the player sees on the screen.

    Each of the buttons on the question sheet should have a variable going from 1 to 5 matching the answer. So Answer 1 from a question goes into button 1, answer 2 to button 2 etc. You can just do that before hand.

    And then you check if what the player pressed matches the variable in the "Correct_answer" of the question.

    That way whenever you feel like making a new question you simply copy/paste a question object and changes the settings to match what you like, and the code will automatically include it into the game.

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  • I dont think adding a layout for each type of question is good

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