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  • Hi, I've been using C2 Free for a couple days now. Today I tried to use the Tilemap object for the first time. I had a small sprite atlas/tilemap/sprite sheet or whatever you want to call it. Just sprites from Zelda: Link to the Past. Nice & simple, right?

    When I try to import the atlas (the atlas is 80x48, the sprites are supposed to be 16x16) I get my tilemap, but all the tiles are slightly off, they take a little bit of the edge from the tile next to & below them.

    So of course it seems like I made an error when making the atlas in the first place (I used MS Paint, Windows 7). But I retraced my steps many times, I don't see anything wrong. Even in the image editor in C2, the dimensions are all correct. But when I get the tilemap, it is consistently off-center.

    I freely admit that I am kind of lost when it comes to graphics, but I thought I understood this simple process well enough. If anybody has any idea how to fix this, or knows where I might have messed up, please let me know. Thanks for your time.

  • Does the individual images of the tilemap have borders? If so, have you entered the relevant offset values in the properties?

    Unfortunately it is quite difficult to help unless we can see - and test - the image for ourselves. If at all possible, please provide a link for the image so we can test it.

  • I set the Tile width & Tile height to 16 & 16. Anything other than 0 in the offset properties makes it worse.

    Let's see if I can get the images up... First here's a snip of what the sprites end up looking like in the editor:

    And here is the atlas itself:

    Again, really no idea what went wrong. The dimensions are perfect when I made the image in MS Paint, they were perfect in the animation editor, but once I close the animation editor & start using the tilemap, it messes up like this.

    EDIT: And is it just me, or are those images not loading?

    EDIT 2: OK I'm gonna try to repost the images, all I see is the word "Image" in place of an image. Keep in mind I'm new to the forums & to imgur, so bear with me. If all else fails, I'll post the URL.

    And here is the direct URL, hopefully this will work:

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  • So I was learning how to fix that "blurry sprites" issue that some people have with pixel graphics. I had it too, on this ALttP tilemap & some other sprites. Came across this thread:


    Someone had a similar issue to not only the blurry sprites, but the off-center atlas. So I tried the solution & it worked, my tilemap is nice & pretty now. However, for some reason, in the tilemap bar, the tiles are still off-center when highlighted:

    You can tell that the highlighted tile takes a little from the tile above, & loses some on the bottom. This does not affect how the tiles look in the layout, though.

    So if anybody has more advice as to why that is, or how to fix it, feel free to let me know. For now though, I'm fortunate that I stumbled across a solution while looking into a different subject. Now I'll go learn some more about tilemaps.

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