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  • Hey guys,

    Have a noobish question . Is there any performance limitations in making a 720p or 1080p HD project over a SD project. Draw cells, cpu, are these affected by what resolution the project is?. If i made a game in SD, would it run faster than it's HD counterpart?.


  • Yes, an SD project would run faster and more efficiently than HD but...

    ...the speed, power and screen size of the hardware would define how noticeable the difference is to the user. If you are running on a small portable device with very little ram and a slow processor, you would probably want to use lower definition images. If your game is only intended to run on full PC systems with fast processors and lots of ram, the speed difference would be minimal and the user experience would be better at a higher definition.

  • Thanks. Do you think games like candycrush run on HD.

    I've had a project on HD for a while, but the performance has been wonky, and the debug shows that the drawcells takes up a good chunk of cpu. So, downscaling to SD would help in that, right?.

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  • The way the renderer works, it actually makes very little difference which you choose, if it's rendering to the same sized screen at the end (unless you choose 'low quality' fullscreen mode to do a stretch of a low-res screen). It's basically just choosing a different sized viewport. What makes a bigger difference is the resolution of the images the game uses, and even then I think you'd sooner worry about memory use than performance, since mobile GPUs are getting pretty close to laptop GPU performance these days.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the reply. This tutorial ( https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/932/mu ... nce?page=1 ) is what got me thinking about SD vs HD.

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