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  • Hello, this is my second post regarding my game, I've got some bugs and problems to fix and I am not quite sure how to do it myself after battling with them for several hours, and so I turn to you guys. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

    Before I put down my problems, here is the Capx file:

    w.w.w.mediafire.com / download/ffcu673y82uo4nd/Construct_Game_Prototype.capx

    (I am technically not allowed to post links so I had to split it up like this, just join them together and you shall get a download link)

    Now, here is a list of problems:

    My game involves modular changes, i.e. the player can equip their ship with different modules that do different things, in between the levels, the game goes to a module changing level, the player equips his desired modules, then goes back out. Most of my problems, if not all of them, revolve around this mechanic.

    1.) The module screen doesn't want to change back to gameplay screen after first time (i.e. works only the first time around as it's supposed to, then breaks). I was thinking it might be a problem with the layers but then again I have no idea how to fix this

    2.) Not sure how to implement a way for the game to know which modules are being taken out into the level and how to keep track of them (global variable? or something else?)

    3.) The background tiles are the other way round than they are supposed to be

    I think that's it, point out any other issues that you think will become apparent later on but I am just too dumb to see them now.

    Oh and btw, all art is placeholder, we have an artist working on our pixel art.

    Thank you again for any help, much appreciated!

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  • Hello DrageoN

    First, I would recommend that you use separate event sheets for each layout. It makes it much easier to code and to read later. For example, you have multiple "On Start of Layout" events, but it is tough to know which layout you are talking about. As you develop your game, you can begin to use shared event sheets when there are function shared across multiple layouts.

    I'm not 100% sure this is what you are referring to with 1.) above, but it seems once someone loses, their health goes to 0 and you destroy the player. When the player tries to come back in, the event which checks for the health is triggered and you are immediately brought out again.

    Something else I would look at is you set the LevelNumber to 1 as a global variable and then add 1 to it on Start of Layout which would bring it to 2?

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