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  • dear,

    now i working on game like guitar hero for android, just for campus assignment.

    my question is:

    i have 5 song. each song have different BPM, and of course different note. note created randomly using system time and spawn sprite. if i have 5 song, should i create a new layout for every song(1 song 1 layout), or what?

    and if i create 1 layout = 1 song. will it slow my device?


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  • For Audio, once it loaded it stay there so the audio can be called anytime. The audio exist entire time no matter which layout being active.

  • As long as your control keys stay the same I would just use layers for each song on the same layout. Make 5 distinct layers, each named after the song and set them to invisible by default. Then when each is needed you can set it to visible. Even if you do change control keys between songs (not sure why you would but..) you could use groups to enable/disable as needed.

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