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  • Hey all,

    I'm currently building a PC. Be 3 weeks before I get all pieces and finish the build.

    "Recommended system requirements

    Windows 7 or newer

    2 GB RAM

    2 GHz dual-core processor

    A nVidia or AMD graphics card with latest drivers. We recommend you avoid any hardware using Intel graphics chips due to their poor performance, stability, and feature set."

    I'm waivering between i3 4130/50 (HD4400) and i3 4330 (HD4600). Both i3's integrated graphics have 350mhz to

  • 350mhz to 1.15ghz max dynamic frequency. No idea what it really means, hence my question:

    Are the modern integrated graphics good enough? The system requirements for construct 2 have not been updated in 2 years.

    Or would a dedicated GPU be still needed above modern Intel graphics?

  • Really nice system requirements

    You can get by fine without these, but if you can they're nice to have.

    Solid state drive (SSD) for OS and software

    64-bit edition of Windows 7 or newer

    4 GB of RAM or more

    A large display or dual monitor setup

    A nVidia or AMD graphics card with latest drivers, at least 512 MB of dedicated video memory and support for OpenGL 2.0+

  • Better ask this on some kind of hardware forum. I work on construct 2 with 4400 recently, it's ok. But it always better to buy a videocard than using integrated 4400-4600.

  • Thanks, you told me everything I need to know

  • Always glad to help

  • Sisyphus, what graphics card would you recommend? Would a sub £100 one work great or am I looking at a more expensive one?

    Anyone else with a GPU recommendation?

    What specs do you all have? How do you find your PC/laptop setup for game making?

  • Try a search on the web, and since you want to make HTML5 games with Construct2, find one that won't have its drivers blacklisted by browsers.

    To be fair I have no clue where to get this kind of information, but that's the one you want to find out.

    I can't really help further, I'm on desktop and have used a GeForce GTX 560 Ti for the past 3+ years and it works great for "regular" games as well as for HTML5 in browser.

  • I would specifically recommend against getting a dual-GPU system. With the state of current drivers from both AMD and nVidia, it can be difficult to get the system to actually use the powerful GPU, and you get stuck using the weak integrated GPU even though there's more powerful hardware in the system.

    I don't think any modern graphics hardware is still affected by blacklists - it's only old hardware and out of date drivers.

  • How do you mean?

    Is only get one GPU. As far as I know Intel comes as standard with integrated GPU. I thought it was a simple process if selecting which one to use?

  • Is a GPU and a graphics card the same thing or different? There's something here that I can not make head or tails out of??

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  • For instance a nvidia 750ti added to my build, would that work? Or even cheaper one?

  • A GPU (graphics processing unit) is often, but not always, synonymous with a video card, aka graphics card. The GPU is actually on the video card. In lower end systems, and most laptops, the GPU is part of the main system board, and in some newer systems like AMDs APUs, the CPU and GPU are the same chip.

    The 8800 is an older card, with a 700Mhz GPU and 512mb of GDDR3 memory, while the GTX 750 Ti is newer with a 1Ghz GPU and 2GB of GDDR5 memory. Based on that alone, the GTX 750 Ti is the better graphics card. But can your system handle the newer one?

  • OK, makes a bit of sense.

    My build:

    H97m motherboard

    I3 4330 CPU

    1x4gb RAM to start (have 4 dimm slots on mobo)

    500w 80+ bronze PSU

  • So what do I now add in specifically for construct 2?

    I've used the nvidia 750 to as an example as its about as far as my budget will stretch comfortably.

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