How do I make go to layout work

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  • Hi

    I tried to search the forums to see if I could figure this out, but unfortunately the terms I need are so common I can't get a search on it.

    I'm trying to create a game to train my factory employees about food safety. I figure if I can't get it to work, I'll toss the idea, but this is my "go" at it.

    The first "level" is pretty basic - you have to wash your hands and put on a hair net and beard net to get into the factory. So you enter the "entrance" layout, get to the "break room", and run into the hairnet box, and the hairnet layout works fine. You put on a hairnet & beard net and then click and go back to the breakroom.

    But I can't get the "go back" button to work on the esink page. It just leaves me on the same layout instead of going back to the break room. Sometimes I can see the "break room" layout flashing and I'm like "Nooooo, so close!"

    Can someone please tell me why? I've tried using a sprite for the button, I've tried using previous / next layouts, I've tried using a button for the button, I've tried erasing it and re writing it, I've tried copying the layout that works and changing the objects. I've tried moving the order of things around. I've attached a capx.

  • It took a couple of minutes of looking at it but I figured it out. When you hit the backbutton your worker is already standing on the sink, so it immediately pushes the user back to the bathroom. Try adjusting the position of the worker to the center of the room when you press the back button.

  • Thank you! I was ready to throw in the "video game" making towel. Is there a way to upvote / +1 rep on this forum? This was perfect, now I can go about building the factory !

    I also changed the "wash your hands" time from 30 sec to 5 . 30 seconds was way too long.

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  • Programming is frought with peril like that. I know C2 advertises no programming, but essentially what you're doing is programming in a highly visual manner. Never throw in the towel. Many times game breaking bugs are just small oversights in logic.

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