Global Text appears in every layout?

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  • Hello;

    I have a string called Debug Text (using the Text Plugin), which is in the home layer of my start screen.

    Later on it is in the UI layer of my Roid screen. When I go from the start layout to the Roid layout I now see two copies, one from the start screen home layer and one from the UI layer on roid. Once I leave the start layout why does the Global "Debug Text" still show where it once showed?

    I assumed Global means the string is not destroyed when the layout is closed--not that its display properties are persistent to the next Layout. Am I missunderstanding what a global text variable does(I used the Text Plugin).

    Should I just have a global array and load it into a local text display plugin?

    Thanks for your time.



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  • Global objects appear in all layouts. When you say "string" above, I think you don't mean a string in the sense of a variable, but a string in the sense of a display object.

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