getting a js bug Array.Height to number

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  • I am working on loading data into a array form AJAX and that seems to be working fine. but then I am trying to load the Array.Height into a number(int) var. and I get a js error when I run the page "set_int.without a number type" but I then do a loop from 0 to the var I set and that seems to work. please see attachment for what I am doing in the code


  • Sounds like you might have set the array sizes as strings instead of numbers in the JSON file:

    "size":["10","1","1"][/code:gu0d88su] instead of [code:gu0d88su]"size":[10,1,1] [/code:gu0d88su] ?
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  • Here is my array


    "c2array": true,

    "size": "[8,7,1]",

    "data": [ [["Type"],["Y-Top"], ["X-Left"], ["Length"],["Dir"],["Movement"],["MovDir"]],


    ["Plat"],["15"], ["0"], ["50"],["H"],["0"],["H"]], [

    ["Plat"],["15"], ["60"], ["20"],["H"],["0"],["H"]], [

    ["Plat"],["10"], ["79"], ["50"],["H"],["0"],["H"]], [

    ["Plat"],["27"], ["10"], ["30"],["H"],["0"],["H"]], [

    ["Plat"],["22"], ["36"], ["5"],["V"],["60"],["H"]], [

    ["Plat"],["29"], ["61"], ["15"],["H"],["100"],["V"]], [

    ["Latt"],["27"], ["40"], ["15"],["V"],["0"],["V"]]]


  • It should be

    "size": [8,7,1][/code:1y0yqiex]
  • Try int(,2)).

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