Game like Watch OUT! on iphone.

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  • I really need help when my object collision i make Scale choose(1,0.5) and i try when my object is small my jump is small to u know ON normal scale 1 my jump is 400 when he is small 0.5 my jump is 200 but i dont know how make this small jump when is small please help! game like watch out!(game) on iphone i try make.Or u can make fast capx about this please.

  • Don't spam the same question. Don't post it in topics from others that have nothing to do with it.

    This won't help you getting help this will just get you banned.

    Your issue is not clear and you should actually post a capx of your current capx with a clear explanation of what you are doing, what you are trying to achieve and where you are at currently.

    Moreover consider that not everybody knows the game you are referring to. Consider detailing precisely the mechanic you are trying to achieve. Or at least, post a gameplay video of that mechanic.

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  • i Say game like Watch Out!on iphone i cant put links....

  • lol... i suggest use i dident understood a word from what you said!

  • Really i say game like Watch out!on iphone only just look on YT jesus and try help...phatetic.

  • Really ?

    So we are supposed to do all the efforts when you do none ?

    You are not capable of explaining or giving any more details on what you are trying to achieve.

    WE are to search and understand what you mean and serve a solution to you on a silver platter ?

    And on top of it, you are being rude and calling us pathetic ?

    Well, you are on your own good luck.

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