How do I make my game load correctly

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  • Greetings, I recently have been working on a small game to start playing with construct 2 and I got to a point where I've added a JSON database that I'm including in the HTML folder for my game. Obviously the debbugger doesn't like JSON so I'm testing the game by uploading it to BitBalloon but I'm having a major problem. When I go to open the game the construct load symbol shows up and then the screen goes black, at first I thought I just messed something up so tried a few more times but then I noticed if I hit the new tab button or change tabs and go back the game will have loaded, then if I touch on a button and do the same thing it will go to the next step...

    Anyways I need to figure out how to make the game load correctly before I can go on (debugging it or re-write my JSON actually into Construct 2, which works in the preview version.) Anyways I hope I'm correct in my assumptions but would love to know if I'm just missing something.

  • I figured out it is the JSOn that is messing it up, when I disable it loading it is fine... hmmm

  • Check browser console for errors.

  • Thanks theirs a whole world of stuff in their I didn't realize, and I can now click on stuff in the game and it is working after I put an AJAX request in on the JSON before loading it, but now I am getting undefined on any variable I try and pull up. I'm going to try and figure out the browser console but is their any good way to check if the JSON is loaded at all beside trying to display variables?

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  • I figured it out I was trying to load the JSON straight to the JSON add on instead of loading it into AJAX then loading AJAX.lastdata

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