How do I make a game like Heroes of Might and Magic 3

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  • Hello there, I'm new around and I was wondering if there is possible to make a game like HOMM3..

    Also is there anyway to generate random worlds? I mean every time I enter the game the map to be different

    Thanks in advance

  • ChristianOak

    Yes it is definitely possible to both create a game like Might and Magic and to create randomly generated worlds. However, that is definitely not the first game you want to start with. Before you attempt any game like HOMM, you need to start with the basics.

    You can't just start game design with a super complex idea and hope to be successful.

    Go through the beginner tutorials and the manual. After you have a good grasp of how Construct works, make a few puzzle games. You could clone some already popular games like the common falling block games or match 3 games. Only after completing (yes I said COMPLETING) a few basic games should you start working on something more complex. Remember, HOMM is a complex game which requires some understanding of AI and inventory management; all of which are complex topics on their own.

    Also, asking a question like, "How do I make <enter game name here>?" is not particularly useful either to you, or the community. Instead, a good question would be, once you have a grasp of how to use Construct, asking how to make use of a particular feature you cannot find clear information about.

  • Yea, I shoud've ask If it's possible to make a turn-based isometric kinda game

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  • anything is posssiable long as first learn to walk before you can run

  • Hi, I stumbled on this post in my internet research related to creating Heroes of might and magic 3 clone.

    I am not a construct 2 user, I did try it and worked on one small project with Construct 2, but currently I use Unity.

    Anyway, although this thread is 3 years old now, I wanted to leave a reply to eventually help anyone.

    Currently I am in a process of creating a Homm3 clone and the first thing I decided to do is to reverse engeneer the Homm3 (Restoration of Erathia) GDD.

    For me this seems as a perfect first step in creating a Homm3 clone. Homm3 is a big complex game, and having a detailed readable GDD for this project is crutial.

    I am planning to add a twist to homm3, and probably not clone all the mechanics i.e. maybe I ll leave out the obelisk mechanics, change the skill system, change the town build order trees, leave out blacksmith system, adjust spells system... so once I have the Homm3 GDD I will create a new GDD from this GDD. This will be the GDD for my game, in this new GDD I ll adjust things as I want. And finally I ll get down to implementation after I have my GDD.

    Coding a game like homm3, with such a complex structure, that much mechanics, serialization system to support all that... you just need a good GDD to get anywhere, to avoid digging yourself into unmanageable mess of code (or unmanageable mess of logical blocks if you use visual programming tool like Construct)

    And like others here on the thread said, this is not your ideal first game, after you have created some smaller games and you are familiar with some tools and have a rough idea how this kind of system could be implemented, and you know what GDD is, why you need it and how to make one, then do it.

    Also, be aware that creating a game like Homm 3 requires a team of people, Homm 3 team of programmers + artists was more than 20 (not counting the voice actors, marketing and everything else), you can scale it down, simplify, and all that, but If your going to create anything even remote to Homm 3 scope, you better start searching for team mates, you ll definitely not be able to program and do art in any realistic time by your self even if you are able to do both.



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