How do I make a functioning Progress Bar

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  • Greetings Construct2 Community

    I've started working with C2 yesterday and tried a lot of things allready.

    My aim is, to start with small things like an Incremental Game (like AdVenture Capitalist).

    For that, I've allready made a button to click and a Counter and so on. But I also want to have a functioning Progress Bar.

    The used Progress Bar from C2 doesn't seem to work good for that Function and the Manual says, to use a Tiled Background. Do I need to make a Progress Bar with different Steps to get a Functioning Progress Bar or can I make use of the existing C2 Function?

    Thanks in Advance and sorry for my bad english


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  • Search the tutorials before asking this question. There are multiple examples.

  • I HAVE searched the Tutorials multiple Times...otherwise I wouldn't ask :/

    I DONT mean a custom Loading Bar, which only works with "Use Loader Layout"....I didn't find anything concrete on Creating a Progress Bar, which is used IN a Game. Sorry for my Question, I'll take it back then. Close the Thread please.

  • I invite you to check this tutorial that deals with HUD cooldown bars but is pretty much the global mechanic of what you are looking to do normally.

    Otherwise in the tutorials you could search for the keyword "Health bar" that also seems to give back a lot of results about using a bar.

    If this is still not what you are looking for, you should try to explain further the specific mechanic that you are looking for, as obviously when you say "progress bar" it sounds like you are expecting something that is not expected from people who already made tutorials on the subject.

    I hope this helps out.

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