How do I fix my zoom

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  • Hi!

    I've looked and tried all the examples and suggestion in the forum but... I'm missing something!

    For sure there is a very dumb error somewhere but it seems that my zoom centers itself always in the same place, and I cannot see where my error is... can anybody help, please?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Jeff Skyrunner - Link is broken.

  • Link fixed, thanks

  • Jeff Skyrunner - Sorry for not replying early. Firstly, I fixed the local variables you had since they are not checked with "static" which will make it persist when you set it. Secondly, since your scroll + lerp is on a function so it will not work that's why I made a variable named "IsZooming" to make it zoom in every delta time. Remember lerps don't work with functions or triggers. Thirdly, I changed your UI from scale rate of 0 to 100 since I don't see any point of setting it to 0 for it is never set to change but I did change it's parallax from (100,100) to (0,0) since it is a UI and UI's work that way. BTW, I think you should resize your window size into something smaller and avoid box window sizes for wider range of compatibility with devices.

    Also, remember to remove third party plugins/behaviors when you post in the forum but if it is necessary then please direct a link to it.

    Fixed .Capx :!AjcW2ueud6qpoScBcR5abOTAWDl6

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  • My first thought this morning, even before coffee was: "Damn! I forgot to erase all plugin references!"... sorry for that.

    Many thanks for all your hints! I'm trying your version, but still it seems to me that it zooms always with the same center... or, at least, it doesn't have the camera always as its center. What am I missing?

    I am sorry, but I am always been a "back end" developer, so I still have to grasp all this "fron end" issues...

    Many thanks in advance.

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