How do I fix my 'wall climbing' setup.

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  • Greetings again,

    I have been trying to fix this setup for a while. I finally made wall climbing and jumping function how I wanted except that if you hold 'W' and move down to fall off the side of a sprite the gravity angle does not change and you ending up falling to the left or right side of the screen rather than drop down.

    I've tried setting the gravity angle to change when falling on the last 'Else'; however, that makes jumping up the side of a wall impossible. I've attached my setup below to this post.

    Update: I've been able to prevent this using an invisible sprite at the bottom of sprites that can you wall climb against that sets your gravity angle on collision. It seems like a messy solution though and I'd like to try for something better.

    Thank you,

  • Based on what I see there.. Maybe you can try testing if a point is overlapping an object (one of the system conditions). Put all your climbable stuff in a family, and test against that using the y position of your player, and bboxleft-1, bboxright+1 positions. That way, you won't need to use the extra sprite.

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  • Thanks for the reply, Prominent! : )

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