How do I fix this sprites?

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  • Hello, I'm new here. I started learning C2 this week and I'm having some trouble with my sprites because when the project was exported you can see the borders unlike the browser preview. What can I do?

    Browser preview

    Exported project

    (I don't speak english very well, sorry )

  • You can start using tile maps instead of many sprites, it will take less cpu anyway.

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  • Yeah the same as the what "BobOfAMillion"

    If you are not using tilesheets do so, just look up tilesheets on google images and you will see that there one image with lots of different ones inside of it, this means the computer only has to load up one image, also its much easier to make as you don't have to keep switching documents, just do it all in one.

    When making tile sheets make sure you have a set size, for example for pixel art you would do something like 16x16, for yours it would be much bigger, then when in construct adding tile map make sure its set right in the proprieties to your size then you can just simply paint you level out with out worrying about the right spacing between each image.

    Good Luck!!!

  • For that you must use tiled background, then you have to make sure that on the edges of the drawing there are no spaces in white. And if you have the blanks cut and size and you will not have that division between the tiles.

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