How do I fix this slot machine example?

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  • Hey guys, this is my first post and first time using construct 2. I'm having some difficulty with this example, I'm looking for some help fixing it. You can get the example here:


    My problem, I cant get the checkCombination() function to display a win with 3 x slot matches because getting 2x slot matches seems to override it. If anybody can help me sort this little issue I would greatly appreciate it. I've fiddled, stepped away and came back multiple times, just cant wrap my head around what's going wrong. FYI I've also read how events work, I figure both 3x and 2x frame matches are returning true. I want 3x match only and 2x match only when not 3x match.

    Hopefully I've explained the problem thoroughly enough, I'm never really good at explaining things. Thanks in advance!

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  • You haven't enough rep to post links, but you can get around it by placing a space in the url, or just try and attach the .capx.

  • Yeah, sorry I was just editing the post to include them.

  • You need an else after event 11, so event 20 only gets called if 11 doesn't. You have the final Else correct. Select event 11, type X, then select 21 and 30 and drag under (sub-event) of the new 20 (Else)

  • Thanks so much for the assistance, working like a charm. Now Onward to my next problem!

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