How do I fix several of my tilemap+anchor problems

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  • I am having several problems with my tile map.

      I cant get my character to animate when my goggles are on The character falls through the tiles when he is crouched I cant get the collisions for one tile map to turn off when the goggles are on The battery level stutters when it moves


  • Honestly... This project is a mess. You should have things better organized in layers and stuff... For instance, the battery level stutters because it's together with the avatar in a 100,100 paralax layer, when it should be in a UI specific layer with 0,0 parallax.

    But this is just ONE example. I believe you should start a clean project and avoid adding anything you're not using.

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  • brunopalermo is right This project is a mess. Start again and my advise do not start creating project in C2 but start with pen and paper. Write down what your player do, how much energy he has, collision, and etc etc

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