How do I fix the screen size?

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  • I'm not sure if this is a beginner's question but I got my last question answered here so I'm posting again. I have multiple Construct 2 .capx files being used on a website. On the server, the sizes of the windows should be the same but are not. I have attached to this post two .capxs and a .zip file with three screenshots to illustrate the problem. The first .capx is for something called "Word Wizard World." If you look in the .capx you will see that the window is set to be 640x480. A screenshot (found in the .zip file) of Word Wizard World has been included so you can see what it looks like on the server in Chrome. The second .capx is for something called "Hall of Fame." If you look in the .capx you will see that the window here is also set to be 640x480. Two screenshots (found in the .zip file) have been provided for Hall of Fame on the server in Chrome because, for some reason, the Hall of Fame does not fit entirely on the screen. You need to scroll down to see everything. The first screenshot is what you see when you first enter the "Hall of Fame." The second screenshot is what you see after scrolling down to the bottom. Note that I am aware that there is nothing particularly meaningful below what can be seen initially. However, this problem exists as well in some of my other .capxs when viewed on the server in Chrome. Also, there may be a time in the future when there -will- be useful information that can't be seen without scrolling down and I'd like to resolve this problem once and for all. Or, at the very least, determine that the problem is -not- with the .capxs in question.

  • I'm not sure what exactly is the problem. But, if I get it right you want to keep the windows from rescaling, right? If that's the case, just set the Fullscreen in Browser parameter on Configuration Settings to "Off".

    Here's a screenshot to help you find the setting...


    Click on the project name on the top right and change the parameter on the left from Letterbox scale to Off.

  • No joy. I have attached a copy of the screenshot generated after I changed "Fullscreen in browser" to "Off." It no longer is too big for the screen. Now, it's too small, doesn't fit nicely in the blue border and is no longer centered. Also, even if this -had- worked, why should it be necessary for "Hall of Fame" but not "Word Wizard World?"

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  • Actually it was for both. If you want them to be exactly 640 x 480 you should turn off fullscreen in browser.

    Now, if you want it to scale, I don't get what exactly is the problem...

  • If you look at the "Word Wizard World" screenshot you will note that the interface is nice and centered with an appropriately sized blue border that all fits on the screen without any need to scroll. The .capx claims that the size is 640x480. The "Hall of Fame" screenshots make clear that the interface is too big and requires scrolling to see it all. Yet, the .capx also claims that the size is 640x480. I don't know what size "Word Wizard World" is scaling to since it clearly is not 640x480 (assuming that "Hall of Fame" now -is- 640x480) but either way they should all look the same since the configurations in the .capx were identical. If "Word Wizard World" scales perfectly to fit in the blue border without scrolling, so too "Hall of Fame" should scale perfectly to fit in the blue border without scrolling. This is the bug I'm trying to fix. Is this a Construct 2 issue? Is there something wrong with the .capx that is causing the mis-scaling of "Hall of Fame" but is not causing a mis-scaling of "Word Wizard World?"

  • Welll... When I run them here, both open fullscreen and centered correctly, no blue frame. I'm not sure how you add the blue frame, but I'm guessing the problem is there, not in the capx.

  • That's what I'm trying to figure out. The problem may not be with the .capxs. Of course, I'm not sure what's wrong with the server code either (since the files themselves are also almost identical) but this is not the forum for that.

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