How do I fix rand gen issue!?!?!?!?

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  • Hi,

    I have a project which randomly generates a world for a split screen game,using R0J0hounds Paster plugin for the screens in game.

    When i run the randomly generated layout it works perfectly but the second I switch from any other layout to the layout with the random generation,it stops working!

    I have spent countless hours trying to solve this,created more than 20 projects with similar interfaces but all come back to this issue

    I would release the .capx publicly if it wasn't a company project,but im willing to send out the full version under an NDA in private.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  • Without seeing at least your event sheet this question can't be answered, but maybe you can answer it yourself..

    What is the difference between starting the layout directly and starting it from another layout?

    Are there changes in global or other variables?

    Are there global objects that could be interfering?

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  • Without seeing at least your event sheet this question can't be answered

    imgur. com/9CVhbOn (Can't post links remove the space)

    All the InGameSheet has is player commands and it is definitely not interfering with the generation.

    But maybe you can answer it yourself..

    I have made the generation as simple as possible,and ive added a completely blank layout that switches to the generation on any touch and it still doesn't work!

    I have gone as far as removing the plugin completely to no avail.

  • Well it's obvious..

    system tickcount = 2

    can never be true if you have a layout before this..

    It checks if it's the second tick since the game started and that second tick has already long passed..

    This ofcourse also is the case for system tickcount = 3 and 4 etcetera..

  • Well it's obvious..

    Holy shit man thanks,youve literally just saved my job

    Thanks a ton bud!

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