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  • Hi All

    my native language is german but i will try to explain my issue

    i try to make a platformer but everytime when i create a platform i'm falling through the sprites can someone check my capx and give me feedback what exactly the issue was?

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  • The difference between how the Platform behaviour acts with solids and how it acts with Jumptrough, lays in the simple fact that Jumptroughs disable the Platform's 'Push-out-of-Solids' mechanism (under certain circumstances).

    Short story: when the platform breaks trough the boundary's of a Jumptrough it will not push that object out of that solids polygons.

    Your cat has frames with different sizes. As a result you have origins that wander and collision polygons that ramble.

    The cat will, due the animating origins and polygons, dive into the solid for 1 pixel. Since it is a Jumptrough, it does not get pushed out.

    Most people will tell you that the solution is a 'helper object'.

    At 1 point, when you going to add non native moves to the platform behaviour, a 'helper object' will be part of this solution. But wandering origins and collision polygons will bring you even more problems, problems that you have not seen yet.

    My suggestion: better take care of the animation frames. ... .capx?dl=0

    Other suggestion: use a tilemap for the platforms.

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