How do I Fix Glitchy Facing In Top Down Shooter?

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  • I'm making a top down shooter, in a similar fashion to the tutorial example, as a birthday gift to a friend. However, I noticed some problems with movement and facing in the objects on my project.

    1 - There is a AK 47 upgrade to the normal gun. I made a event so when the player grab a power up, he changes his animation (a soldier holding a handgun) to the animation where he holds a rifle. As soon as he "transforms" to his AK 47 version, the facing and movement goes nuts! The facing becomes pretty glitchy, and he spins very fast with the movement of the mouse (like in the tutorial, he is supposed to look at the pointer all the time).

    2 - The same problem happens with enemies when assigned turret behavior. If they colide with a solid (I set enemies to bounce on solids) while facing the player, they go glitchy as well, with awkward facing and sometimes they stick to the solid, forever.

    I'm using the same movement controlls of the tutorial and events, with no changes at all (since the game is on a early stage, the enemies even use the player sprite from the tutorial).

    Please, tell me what I'm doing wrong =/

    So far I've tried changing sprites size, changing the player to a invisible square (as recommended on platformers) to no effect at all (actually, the invisible square provided the same glitchy facing as the above aforementioned situations, but on the first sprite).

    *Edit: "Fixed" the problem with the enemies. Tested the game some times, it's kinda rare for the glitch to happen, so I'll just leave it alone for now. Maybe I could just make the enemies stop moving once they colide and resume chase after the player gets on their LOS. Still need to know how to fix the player though .-.

    *Edit 2: Fixed the player movement. I'm such a newbie, the problem was the Origin Point all along! I've mistaken it with the Image Point! That was the problem with the enemies too, origin point. Sorry for troubling you guys with such a silly mistake (this is the second thread I start to solve simple problems), but I think maybe other newbies could learn from my silly errors.

    Thanks for the help anyway

  • What about the size of the new animation, is it bigger? Are images points correct?

  • Do you use physics engine by any chance? It should not be combined with another behaviors.

    Also can you post a picture of your event sheets?

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  • Cosme: They have the same size, and the image point is on the same spot

    Razor: I'm not using the physics behavior (However, I did try it in a test to see if movement would be smoother, I'll try again after removing the remaining behaviors).

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