How do I fix my animation

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  • hey so i drew a 5 frame sprite sheet of a stickman in photoshop 60, 90 for each frame and i made sure to make them all the same size

    can some one help me with tips on how to make it less shaky and the box around it so it walks on the ground instead oh hovering[/code:9n4jq98n]-- the animation
    [code:9n4jq98n][/code:9n4jq98n]-- the sprite sheet in photoshop(i removed the last frame when i put it ingame)
    would you recommend  the spriter Pro software even if im a bad artist?
    i have tons of game ideas but cant do much because i cant do art or animate. is there a place where beginners can meet so i can have some one help with the art?
  • Make sure the collision polygon and origin point is the same for all frames. Easiest way is to just set to bounding box.

  • thanks. yeah i think i also need to work on my art skills. i think some frames were bigger than others

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    i fixed it haha but my drawing skills are not too good
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