How do I fix this AJAX request?

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  • Hello,

    The AJAX request actually give nothing.

    Well, it was working and after changing few things, not working anymore...

    Did I made a mistake somewhere?


    1. The URL is right, text is display

    2. Object are write and good position

    3. The capx is bit big to send it.

    Thank you !

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  • Have you try after export project ?

  • yeah Finally I export the game and hosted it then it works... But I am so surprised it worked once Oo

  • I think it is because of the local .

    [quote:25gla5dw]Making AJAX requests cross-domain or in preview

    By default, browsers block AJAX requests across domains. This means, for example, a game on can request other pages on, but cannot request pages on This is an important security feature of web browsers (it is not specific to Construct 2 or its AJAX object).

    Also, when previewing in Construct 2 the game runs on localhost. This counts as a different domain to the rest of the internet, so typically AJAX requests to any web page will fail during preview, unless the server explicitly allows cross-domain requests.

    If you want AJAX requests to your server to work from any domain, or in preview, you can configure it to send the following HTTP header:

    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

    This will enable AJAX requests from any domain, but you should still be aware of the possible security implications of this. For more information on cross-domain requests see HTTP access control on MDN.

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