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  • Hi guys, I understand that making tnhe tiled backgrounds or platforms is an art.

    If I make a street from side trough many long squares that are also rotated in order to create a road with hills from the side, how can Imake in the way that my "stone" sprite image is filling correctly the shapes of my hills on not only a strigth road u understand what I mean ?? Or is it just a lot of work to place many sprites in order to "hide" the boxes that are the collision pbjects for my side car game ???


  • You'd have to make both straight road sprites and curved road sprites to get the best effect, then manually place them. You can't tile a background with curvature with the native functions as far as I'm aware since you can't change the actual 2D geometry of an object. To stop layer interference you can put the grass (or whatever) tiled background on the bottom-most layer, then make a layer above called Roads, and put them there. Then make a layer above the Roads called Objects, and then you'll always have the Player and other objects above the road.

  • hi thanks... I was afraid that i had to do it like taht ... but thanks

  • No problem, sorry I couldn't assist further.

  • Sorry to necro this thread but I'm looking at a similar issue. Wouldn't it be possible to do this with blend effects? I'm just trying to figure out which effects to use. I have 3 parts of the object: Background, filler, and foreground. Essentially I want only the filler part inside of the foreground to appear, shouldn't this be possible using destination in or something?

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