How do I make a fighting game? (some questions)

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  • But first - SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH ^^

    I have a Q. Im going to make a fighting game : You are going from left to right side and just fighting with your opponents, and how do I make:

    1. Puntching someone

    2. Opponent puntching me

    3. Opponents will fallow me everywhere im going

    4. It, that every killed person will give me more power, and when my power-bar will be full, I can by tapping 2 buttons in same time do somenthing special like special move (for example in Wrestling its finisher)


  • 1 - on key pressed - player play punching animation

    2 - if opponent is within punching distance - opponent playy punching animation

    3 - opponent set direction to player.x, player.y

    4 - if person killed - add to global variable power, if global variable power is max and player press key - play special attack..

  • Ty, but.... I Dont know how to do that ;-; Sorry, im "green" :C Can you shove me/give me a project how to do that?I will be very grateful! The most important for me is 1.2 and 3.

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  • Do you know how to make events with conditions and add actions to them?

    It's pretty easy if you understand how to work with C2..

    Add keyboard to your project

    on key pressed (choose which key) play punching animation

    (first you would have to have created the animation ofcourse and import it into C2 with the image editor)

    Add a collision box to your animation (either by the pin behaviour or by setting the box to an imagepoint on the frames the punch is punching)

    if collisionbox is overlapping enemy - enemy subtract 1 from variable health..

    But if this is all too complicated to understand I would suggest following the beginners tutorials to learn how to program with construct2..

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